Wednesday, February 1, 2017

what if.....

In the daily routine new experiences don’t appear to happen that often.

But I think that’s wrong. Is the routine making us too busy to notice?

What if, part of your daily routine were to have new experiences?

What if you approached everything for the first time? Or last time?
 •How would you say goodbye?
 •How would you greet loved ones?
 •How would you say goodnight to those who matter most?
 •How would you hug your loved ones?
 •What would you want to say?
 •How would you enter your work tomorrow?
 •What would you create next?

Isn’t life all one line stories written within the big story? Isn’t life remembered by the events that made you feel?

When I think of that trip, I don’t remember the buses we boarded, the trains we caught, the places where we stayed, I remember the feeling of experiencing something for the first time. I can recall the feelings in a heart beat. Like opening the book last night and reading that line.

Nobody needs to travel somewhere to experience life with no convention, no rules, no permission.

They need to go inwards. Not out.

What would happen if you approached each moment as if it were the first time?

What if you ditched routine (even for a day) and lived each moment for the last time?

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