Saturday, December 20, 2008


Enti gola anukuntunnara...em ledhu ..Thank God Its Friday anukuntunna
.....Yippeee....Of all the weeks this is my favourite day because I will be in weekend mood...
I will be waiting for friday from monday....ya..usually people start looking forward for fridays from thursday or wednesday...:-) but I wish every day was a far as I remember nenu school ki velletappudu kuda intha ga eppudu feel avvaledhu..I always loved to go to school..But office ki vellali ante maatram ...Grrrrrr...I hate to go...the 
only day I feel happy abt going to work is when my account is filled with my salary...Hihihi..devuda o manchi devuda....naaku office ki velle pani lekunda naa account lo every month salary pade tattu choodu devuda...I know u r a manchi devudu..;-)....oka chaala sutti kottanu..let me list out my tasks for the week end

->OSH ki velli curtain rod exchange cheyaali...boring pani
->wallgreens ki velli free photo printouts teccukovaali..:-)
->do some window shopping
->india calls
->local calls to friends
->kitchen cleaning...

ok ok ok now i think i should stop my list.....Happy Weekend to myself.....
bye bye

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