Wednesday, February 1, 2017

what if.....

In the daily routine new experiences don’t appear to happen that often.

But I think that’s wrong. Is the routine making us too busy to notice?

What if, part of your daily routine were to have new experiences?

What if you approached everything for the first time? Or last time?
 •How would you say goodbye?
 •How would you greet loved ones?
 •How would you say goodnight to those who matter most?
 •How would you hug your loved ones?
 •What would you want to say?
 •How would you enter your work tomorrow?
 •What would you create next?

Isn’t life all one line stories written within the big story? Isn’t life remembered by the events that made you feel?

When I think of that trip, I don’t remember the buses we boarded, the trains we caught, the places where we stayed, I remember the feeling of experiencing something for the first time. I can recall the feelings in a heart beat. Like opening the book last night and reading that line.

Nobody needs to travel somewhere to experience life with no convention, no rules, no permission.

They need to go inwards. Not out.

What would happen if you approached each moment as if it were the first time?

What if you ditched routine (even for a day) and lived each moment for the last time?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Hi Friends,

Its been so long that I am writing a post on this blog and you should have already understood by my title of this post......Yes I have been so lazy to update the blog and can you beleive its been yrs that I updated the blog...and this is the big example of procastination....

I guess its human nature to procastinate things...not all though...but atleast for me..I need someone to discipline me in order to complete  the things.....

Every new yr I have couple of resolutions that I make and never follow....and I wait till the next yr to give a fresh start to those delayed things.....:-)

So why not instead of waiting for an yr to start fresh....start now...

I heard somewhere that anything you do for 21 days becomes a y not practice it..:-)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Clutter Clutter Clutter

I am just wondering is it only me who gathers so much clutter or is it a part of our human life.Today myself and my husband accomplished a long pending task of clearing the clutter in our home..sort of spring cleaning.And we were amazed by the amount of unnecessary things we have been taking care of. Sometimes we buy things assuming that we really need them but in reality sometimes we might even be removing the tag ever. I think it is just that human tendency of wanting more and more. So i just put a resolution of not buying the "STUFF"..Less is always comfortable.
Anyways I am happy that i was able to clear up lot of clutter from our house and enjoying the clutter free home..Have a wonderful weekend guys..:-)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

singer sunitha

I know many people have known about her.Recently I happened to see her interview in youtube and it was an amazing interview.I was really amazed by the way she was talking in telugu. she has got such an amazing sweet voice and added to that is the way she speaks telugu..really amazing. I never heard someone talking so nice..I really became a fan of her. she is such an aspiration to many young singers. hats off sunitha garu...I really appreciate the work you are doing for the society..may god bless you...
To all my readers here is the link to her interview and also to all her fans here is her website

Friday, April 10, 2009

Positive Thinking

Hi Friends,

Recently I heard a nice conversation with one of our good friends about the importance of thinking positive.It was really very thought provoking.So I thought I should share that info with you
How many of you know that what you think is what you become.You don't need to change yourself as a person,you need to change the way you think & the way you look at problems.

Following these simple things will help you remain positive in your life

->Take good care of yourself.
->Create a positive self-image through your selftalk
->Think positive,say positive, do positive
->Talk in terms of positive goals
->Have positive expectations
->Always review positively
->Remind yourself the things that you are grateful of
->Hangout with positive associated people
->Look at the oppurtunity not the challenge
->Get the positive habit
- > dress the best you can
- >smile more
- >try to genuinely like others
-> give people positive strokes of recognition
-> give people the most precious gift you have: more of your time
-> be thankful for everything you get.

Try to implement these things in your day-to-day life and feel the change yourself.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Enti gola anukuntunnara...em ledhu ..Thank God Its Friday anukuntunna
.....Yippeee....Of all the weeks this is my favourite day because I will be in weekend mood...
I will be waiting for friday from monday....ya..usually people start looking forward for fridays from thursday or wednesday...:-) but I wish every day was a far as I remember nenu school ki velletappudu kuda intha ga eppudu feel avvaledhu..I always loved to go to school..But office ki vellali ante maatram ...Grrrrrr...I hate to go...the 
only day I feel happy abt going to work is when my account is filled with my salary...Hihihi..devuda o manchi devuda....naaku office ki velle pani lekunda naa account lo every month salary pade tattu choodu devuda...I know u r a manchi devudu..;-)....oka chaala sutti kottanu..let me list out my tasks for the week end

->OSH ki velli curtain rod exchange cheyaali...boring pani
->wallgreens ki velli free photo printouts teccukovaali..:-)
->do some window shopping
->india calls
->local calls to friends
->kitchen cleaning...

ok ok ok now i think i should stop my list.....Happy Weekend to myself.....
bye bye

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My first Blog

Hmm...atlast I started a blog for myself....I always had the interest of writing a dairy but I could never continue that successfully..its all my laziness.But I am hoping that I should not feel lazy in updating or continuing my blog..

I have been following many blogs on internet and I found many of the blogs quite interesting and I hoped to have one for myself.Also my husband has this habit of blogging and he has many blogs...& recently my sis also started one.So I thought why not I start thats how this blog was created..anyways happy blogging to myself...:-)